A selection of podcasts of previous CFS sessions:

“Hunting the Dark Knight” with Will Brooker (Kingston)

“Joss Whedon after Buffy” with Lorna Jowett (Northampton), Matthew Pateman (Kingston), Caroline Ruddell (St. Mary’s), Matt Sangster (Royal Holloway), Mike Starr (Northampton). Chair: Stacey Abbott (Roehampton).

“Literature and Pop music” with author Cathi Unsworth and Mark Blacklock (Birkbeck)

“Modernist Afterlives” with David James (QMUL), Paul March-Russell (Kent), and Paul Davies (Sussex). Chair: Tory Young (Anglia Ruskin)

“From Text to Book: Reworking the (Non) Literary Object” with Kaja Marczewska (Durham) and Linda Toigo (Artist). Chair: Gill Partington (Birkbeck)

“History’s Subjects: Race and National Form” with Ranu Samantrai (Indiana University)