12 November 2014 (University of Birmingham)

Not Your Average Superhero

A panel discussion on comic book guys, the phantom zone as interstitial media space, and hacker-wizards with Tony Venezia, Daniel Rourke, and Zara Dinnen.

11 October 2014 (Senate House, London)

Scores & Scripts: New Comic Art

Which comes first, the story or the pictures? Five comics creators discuss narrative, notation and constraints in contemporary cartooning. With John Miers, John Riordan, Woodrow Phoenix, Gary Northfield and Kripa Joshi.

14-16 July 2014 (Senate House, London)

Researching Contemporary Culture

A series of skills development workshops supported by the AHRC. More information here.

26 February 2014 (University of Birmingham)

Postfeminism: As Seen on Screen

Speaker: Dr Hannah Hamad (KCL); Chair Dr Michele Aaron (Birmingham)

7 December 2013 (Senate House, London)

Lit &… Sports!

with Dr Joe Brooker, Professor Jon McLeod, and Bianca Leggett

20 November 2013 (Senate House, London)

Lit &… Social Media!

with Dr Casey Brienza (City), Dr Alistair Brown (Durham), and Dr Richard House (University of Birmingham; author of The Kills)

23 October 2013 (Senate House, London)

Lit &… POP!

with Cathi Unsworth and Mark Blacklock

25 May 2013 (Senate House, London)

From Text to Book: Reworking the (Non) Literary Object

Speakers: Kaja Marczewska (Durham); Linda Toigo (Artist). Chair: Dr Gill Partington (Birkbeck)

18 March 2013 (Senate House, London)

‘History’s Subjects: Race and National Form’

Dr Ranu Samantrai (Indiana University)

16 March 2013 (Senate House, London)

Gaming Culture

Speakers: Dr. Diane Carr (IoE), Dr. Jane Elliott (KCL), Professor Tanya Krzywinska (Brunel). Chair: Dr. Clare Birchall (KCL).

23 February 2013 (Senate House, London)

Modernist Afterlives

Speakers: Dr. David James (QMUL), Dr. Paul March-Russell (Kent), and Paul Davies (Sussex). Chair: Dr. Tory Young (Anglia Ruskin)

6 February 2013 (Senate House, London)

Latourism: Five Bruno Latours

A joint seminar with the Literary & Critical Theory seminar. Speakers: Mark Blacklock, Hallvard Haug, Daniel Rourke, Tony Venezia, and Andy Weir.

26 January 2013 (Senate House, London)

‘Writing England in Caryl Phillips’s Recent Fiction’

Professor John McLeod (University of Leeds); Chair: Dr Lucienne Loh (Liverpool)

5 December 2012 (Senate House, London)

Joss Whedon: After Buffy

Speakers: Dr. Lorna Jowett (Northampton), Professor Matthew Pateman (Kingston), Dr. Caroline Ruddell (St. Mary’s), Dr. Matt Sangster (Royal Holloway), Dr. Mike Starr (Northampton). Chair: Dr. Stacey Abbott (Roehampton).

14 November 2012 (Senate House, London)

Hunting the Dark Knight

Speaker: Dr. Will Brooker (Kingston)

13 October 2012 (Senate House, London)

Pynchon Now

Speakers: Dr. Martin Eve (Sussex); Xavier Marco del Pont (Royal Holloway); Dr. Doug Haynes (Sussex); Chair: Dr. Anna Hartnell (Birkbeck)

June 2012 (Senate House, London)

Alan Moore and the Gothic Tradition

Speakers: Dr Matthew J A Green (Nottingham); Tony Venezia (Birkbeck); Maggie Gray (Middlesex); Monica Germanà (Westminster)

May 2012 (Senate House, London)

Theory Shaping Fiction | Fiction Shaping Theory

Co-organised by the Contemporary Fiction Seminar and the 21stC Literary and Critical Theory Seminar. Speakers: Emilia Borowska (Royal Holloway); Mark Blacklock (Birkbeck); Chair: Dr Emily Horton (Brunel).

April 2012 (Senate House, London)

‘Money: The Reckoning’

Speakers: Nicky Marsh (Southampton); Chris Hartley (Oxford); Matthew Crowley (Brighton); Bianca Leggett (Birkbeck). Special guest: Alex Preston, author of This Bleeding City and The Revelations (Faber). Chair: Dr Joe Brooker (Birkbeck)

March 2012 (Senate House, London)

‘The HBO Phenomenon’

Speakers: Dr Kim Akass (Hertfordshire) and Dr Janet McCabe (Birkbeck)

February 2012 (Senate House, London)

‘Post- Apocalypse Now’

Speakers: Dr Caroline Edwards (Lincoln); Dr Monica Germana (Westminster; Dr Gill Partington (Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck). Chair: Professor Adam Roberts (Royal Holloway).

February 2012 (Senate House, London)

‘Wes Anderson and the New Sincerity: Or, What Comes after Postmodernism?’

Speaker: Dr Warren Buckland (Oxford Brookes)

December 2011 (Senate House, London)

‘Rewriting Exodus: American Futures from Du Bois to Obama’

Speaker: Dr. Anna Hartnell (Birkbeck)

November 2011 (Senate House, London)

Postgraduate Forum

Speakers: Holly Giesman (Roehampton); Christopher Holliday (KCL); Daniel Marrone (London Consortium). Chair: Adam Lively (Birkbeck)

October 2011 (Senate House, London)

‘Authenticity and post-2000 British fiction’

Speaker: Dr. Dan Lea (Oxford Brookes, general editor Manchester University Press)

CFS sessions 2009-2011 (Birkbeck)

During the 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 academic years CFS ran as a reading group. Sessions were held on: Tom McCarthy’s Remainder; Jonathan Lethem’s Fortress of Solitude; Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home; Patrick Neate’s Twelve Bar Blues; Greg Egan’s short fiction; Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners; Christian Bok’s poetry; and a season on short fiction that looked at McSweeney’s, Wholphin and culminated in a Flash symposium.

We’d like to thank our colleagues Joe Brooker, Henderson Downing, Hallvard Haug, Bianca Leggett, Xavier Marco de Pont, Sam McBean, Dan O’Gorman, Gill Partington, Holly Pester, Ernesto Priego, Daniel Rourke, and Matt Sangster for their hosting, papers, and contributions.